Affinia Access

Your business, your brand, your choice: move forward your way with Affinia Access

Through Affinia Access, we’re combining the power, expertise and community of Affinia, with the flexibility to decide what support and services you want. It gives advisers confidence, with the insight and experience of Affinia behind them, and the freedom to evolve your business the way you want.

Affinia Access starts with a base package, comprising a comprehensive, white-labelled AFSL infrastructure, powerful tools and a range of support materials, all tailored to your brand and business.

And there a range of extras services and support tools available, so you can devise a service offering tailored to your needs.

Get Started With Affinia Access 

Our base package provides a comprehensive, white-labelled AFSL infrastructure, including advocacy and governance, to help you get underway. All the documents and tools are tailored to your brand and business: it’s the expertise of Affinia, your way. Here are some of the resources you can draw on within Affinia Access:


Licensee Tools

Access the resources you need to run your business independently, with a range of licensee tools including our Compliance and Operations manual and business rules, Advice & Remediation and Responsible Manager Handbook and training.

Marketing Support

Ensure everything you share with clients reflects you, your business and your brand, as well as best marketing practice. Affinia Access includes a complete suite of marketing materials. 

Advice Support

A quarterly file review and post-review remediation report to ensure you’re delivering the best possible advice, for every client.


Business Resources

To get the most from the day-to-day operation of your business, draw on a bank of resources and services available to Affinia Access businesses, including:

  •  The Affinia Advice Handbook
  •  Our Strategy Matrix and Goals Matrix
  • Monitoring and Supervision Handbook
  • 'Our Obligations e-book’
  • SOA, ROA, AR deed and FSG templates
  • APL and APL guidelines
  • The Affinia contact centre
  • Topdocs (for legal agreements, estate planning and SMSF documents)
  • Strategy flyers and wording for advice documents
  • Register templates
  • CPD training plans and monitoring
  • IDR and EDR framework
  • SOA wizard and coded advice templates (Xplan, Mid-winter and Adviser Logic).

Professional Development

Continue to build your skills and keep your advice strategies up-to-date. With Affinia Access, you can join the Affinia community at masterclasses, PD days, quarterly webinars and our annual Conference. Stay up to speed with our regular newsfeeds.

Add Extra's to Suit Your Business

Affinia Access gives you the flexibility to add to the base package and create a service offering tailored to your business needs. Here are just some of the options available to you:

  • Business coaching service
  • Preferred technology pricing
  • Investment and super research
  • Acquisitions and adviser recruitment support
  • HR infrastrcuture
  • Annual AFSL review and report 
  • Professional standards consulting 
  • Breach and incident handling
  • Complaints handling
  • AR appointment due diligence

Join Us

Affinia Access is redefining dealership support services. If you are looking to join a community of like-minded experts, we want to hear from you. Contact Us.